About Book Matters

Rights and royalty software as it should be —less time, less paper, more data!

About the company

Book Matters LLC was founded in 2018 as the North America partner of Jeux de Couleur Limited (London, United Kingdom) for the distribution of RIGHTS 20|20 (formerly That’s Rights! +EasyRoyalties), a popular family of rights and royalties solutions for book publishers and rights agents. As of 2020 Book Matters is the exclusive distributor in North America of all solutions of the RIGHTS 20|20 family.

Jeux de Couleur and its distribution partners are committed to the development, enhancement and support of thorough and effective off-the-shelf rights & royalty solutions, that are appropriate for large spectrum of small to medium publishing businesses.

Contact us

You can contact us from our general inquiries page or write to info@bookmatters.us

Book Matters LLC is 100% paperless; if required, snail mail can be sent to 440 Louisiana St., Houston, Texas 77002, U.S.A

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