RIGHTS 20|20 (That's Rights!)USD

RIGHTS 20|20 ‘Rights’ (That’s Rights! Classic) is available on a yearly subscription basis. Customers can select between two configurations: RIGHTS 20|20 for Publishers and packagers and RIGHTS 20|20 for Rights agents (See features comparison here).


Option 1 Local (Installation on your Windows PCs or Windows Server —Windows operating system only)

1 user 2-5  users
(per user/year) 
RIGHTS 20|20 (That’s Rights!) for rights sellers & packagers

Includes interests/submissions, licenses, co-editions, management of incoming revenues from foreign/subsidiary rights and author revenue accounts

$ 1,350 $ 1,150

Option 2 Hosted Desktop

Same as Option 1, plus $ 880.00 per user per year. For more information see Hosted Desktop Service.

SMALL or NEW PUBLISHER with fewer than 200 titles and 100 translation rights licenses? Check That’s4Starts! our all-in-one package offered at a special price.

Quoted fees are valid from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025.


One-year minimum commitment for all subscriptions; annual billing. Short-term licenses (e.g. for interns, temporary staff et al.) are available as an add-on to existing licenses, for a monthly fee.

One “user” equals one licensed copy of the software. One “client”/”account” equals one or more copies of the software used by employees of the same business entity who access up to one active database.


If you purchase via Book Matters LLC, US:

Software updates and upgrades Updates and version upgrades are available for all subscription accounts and are included in the annual subscription fee.

Technical support Free email assistance for installation and activation for 90 days from first-time purchase/sign-up.

HelpDesk E-mail assistance with how-to issues not covered in the documentation is complimentary and is offered via our HelpDesk.

Additional services, including, for example, assistance with data auditing & data-specific investigations, setting up document templates, etc. are available for an additional fee, subject to scheduling and availability. Please contact us for more information.

Training One two-hour session of on-line introduction to the software per customer is offered free of charge to be scheduled within 12 months of first-time purchase/sign-up. Additional training sessions or assistance are available for a fee, subject to scheduling and availability.

Data migration Data migration & set-up services, when required by your configuration, are available for a fee. (Estimates are available on request.) Subject to scheduling.


If you purchase via a reseller:

Data-specific support, telephone support, and other enhanced support plans may be available via external resellers of our solutions or independent consultants.